Picture Farm Gallery announces Forgotten Lands, an upcoming art exhibition to raise relief funds for hurricane stricken communities in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. Featuring artists from Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Mainland USA, the show will include large scale work as well as 8 x 10 photographic print work for sale.

Museo de Arte Contemperáneo de Puerto Rico Community Art Program
The St. Croix Foundation for Community Development

Featured Artists
Lipton G Thompson Jr / Melvin Martinez / Jaime and Javier Suárez / Karlo Andrei Ibarra / Lorna Otero / Migdalia Luz Barens / Omar Obdulio Peña-Forty / La Vaughn Belle / Niarus Benjamin / Camille Rouzaud

Small Print Artists
Chis Gregory / Eliud Echevarria / Erika P. Rodriguez / Ibrahem Hasan / Imran Stephen / Cory Bishop / Don Brodie / Ivar Wigan / Kris Merc / Manuel Velez / Nikol Burgos / David Berg / Rashad Martínez / Rosaura Rodriguez / Sergio Vazquez / Stephanie Segarra / Raquel Pérez Puig / Omar Velázquez / Marie-Elle Vivaldi

With support from Milk DGTL


Opening reception will be on the evening of Friday December 15th from 6-9 PM, with open doors through that weekend of the 16th/17th.

It is a wonderful opportunity to buy holiday gifts and support rebuilding efforts.

Forgotten Lands
Hurricane Relief Art Auction
Opening Reception & Auction Kick Off
Dec. 15 6-9 PM
Picture Farm Gallery
338 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York


Picture Farm Gallery is proud to present Erica Reade’s Beach Lovers series, a photographic project we’ve been watching develop over the last few years. We are excited to finally be able to give this artist a spot on our walls starting with a reception on Friday August 11th, from 7-10pm in our Williamsburg gallery space.

Born and raised in Montreal, Brooklyn based photographer Erica Reade is self-taught, employing both analog and digital formats. Winner of a 2017 Nikon Scholarship and 2015 National Natural Eye Scholarship at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops, Ms. Reade is a member of of the SohoPhoto Gallery and founder of Camera of the Month Club, a NYC photography collective, working in the fields of anti-violence, youth development, women’s empowerment and human rights, both locally and internationally, using the media arts to spread a message of non-violence.

“Beach Lovers is a collection of intimate moments shared by couples observed at NYC beaches, with a focus on Rockaway, Fort Tilden and Coney Island. This series is about the small moments of tenderness and intimacy between couples, whether sharing a picnic, long laughs, or a lazy limb-entwined nap on a beach blanket. These photos illustrate romance and lust in their purest state.”

5% of all sales will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

Picture Farm Gallery is proud to announce our upcoming pin-up exhibition, “Numb” the launch of the third volume of the Tabula Rasa fashion magazine.

The opening reception is scheduled for July 7th 2017 from 6-9 pm in the PF Gallery space at 338 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn.

“Tabula Rasa Magazine is a non-profit organization that encourages photographers, stylists, and writers to examine fashion photography as art.

Like its title, the publication serves as a blank slate operating outside a producer-consumer relationship, stripped of advertisements and constraints based on current trends or seasons. We want to return to the magic inherent in both fashion and photography: to evoke the wonder of the darkroom, an idea expressed and then transformed, emerging to fill an empty, white page; to recall the power of clothing to carry history or convey personal narratives; to give artists a more transparent presence in the work they envision and produce.

Our mission is to continue to give maximum visibility to the artists that inspire us, and in turn, foster a community.

 The founding members are Editor In Chief Sabrina Banta, Design Lead Estee Kim, and Production Manager Hunter Abrams. Co-founders and ongoing collaborators include Fashion Creative Director Louise Borchers and Editor Sabrina Tamar.”


Volume III

Five senses. This is how we are taught to group ways of perception. Some argue there are more or fewer. Within these universal five, such as taste, some cultures subcategorize them differently. In certain places, people call green and blue the same thing, considering them as variations of the same shade. If we cut off one sense, we are told others can heighten. Perception, sensing, is a capricious thing, as powerful as it is subjective.

What of the lack of sensation? Numbness. To be blind, to be deaf, does not imply one does not feel. But numbness—physical, cerebral, or psychological is a nuanced thing. Subject a limb to extreme cold, fail to move your arm for hours, damage a nerve—numbness, as expected, will ensue. But what of the numbness of overexposure? With a scroll of the wrist or finger, nearly second nature, we tumble down a rabbit hole of worlds we may not know but see everyday: the real violence of war, the violence of callous comments on social media, ever-growing, interchangeable material addictions, photoshopped ideals, sex, on demand, of every kind and extreme variation, instant company, virtual dating. Our world’s access to experience is unlimited, but our ability to feel has never been less. What is the threshold between knowledge and numbness? In a society that saturates our senses, what does it mean to truly feel?

Issue III of Tabula Rasa invites its contributors to tackle the spectrum of numbness, from source to sensation, visualizing its implications and manifestations.

— Photographers include Adam Kremer, Boru O’Brien O’Connell, Brian William Green, Carolyne Loreé Teston, Charles Caesar, Clément Pascal, Danielle Ezzo, Eli Schmidt, Ian Baguskas, Keisuke Otobe, Peter Funch, Ryan James Caruthers, Sam Rock, Sergiy Barchuk

An immediate after-party will ensue at Freehold, just around the corner, featuring a screening of Diane Russo’s film Scorpion, Butterfly.


Picture Farm Gallery is proud to announce the opening of a new group photo show in our Brooklyn space featuring the photographers Ryan Lowry, Jess Bonham & Anna Lomax and David Brandon Geeting.

Titles “Family” and curated by East, the show highlights often piquant observations, in both street, fashion and still life photography.

The opening reception will be Thursday June 8th 2017 from 6 to 9 pm and the exhibition will be up in the space through June and into the beginning of July.



As we are every year, this year we are very excited to host Mi Escuelita’s year end art show.

A community preschool that has been servicing our children’s hearts and minds for fifteen years, Mi Escuelita holds a special place in our heart. The art show is open to the public and scheduled for Saturday June, 3rd from 11 AM to 2 PM.




That time of year is upon us here at the PF Gallery. That time of year when the inundation of emails with images of crazy surfcraft fills our inbox.

Picture Farm Gallery is pleased to announce (for the 4th time) the advent of the It Doesn’t Not Work Surf Craft Design Symposium Event of Champions.

IDNW is a surf craft exposition that explores the process of the art & craft of surf-riding design, the event aims to discuss these experimental shapes, work-in-progress projects and tried-and-true formulas. It is a time of conversation and camaraderie, good times and good razzing. Largely local to the Northeastern East Coast Coastal Neighborhood, IDNW is truly open to all geographic comers provided they can pay their own way.

The submission hotline is closed and we are looking forward to a big, fun, crazy old turnout this year.


-It Doesn’t Not Work IV & Picture Farm Gallery is proud to present-


If you’ve spent any time surfing in the greater New York metropolitan urban center area you should acquaint yourself with two of the more luminous characters in the scene. Often quiet in their own ways their relationship with New York surfing is long and celebrated. Mike Nelson and Matt Clark are fixtures in the New York Surf scene,  documenting almost every swell between the two of them since 1990. Add to that the that both have recently bagged SURFER Magazine covers and the opportunity presents itself to witness the work of two surf photographers in the hard earned flow of observation and perspective.

Matthew Clark (b. 1983) is an American photographer born and raised in New York. Clark’s work explores his relationship with the ocean through intimate portraits of breaking surf with the intention of capturing something private,  personal, and unique about each wave. His photographs are the delicate, yet powerful, and capture elements of moving water and reflections of light in churning surf. The ability to capture these moments come from his expertise in water from a lifetime of surfing in New York and experience in the cold Atlantic water. His work was recently featured as the first ever image of a New York wave on the cover of Surfer Magazine and was awarded the 2nd Annual Follow the Light Foundation Grant in 2007 by Surfing Magazine.

Mike Nelson is a self taught photographer that has been capturing images of the surfing world for the past 20 years. Mike’s photographs have been featured in some of the largest editorial and advertising campaigns across the globe. Mike also  co-owns and operates unsound surf shop, a fixture in the Long Beach scene and can be found almost patiently waiting for the next major swell just like any shop grom.

Two Moons highlights the two contrasting styles of both Matt Clark and Mike Nelson. They can both be shooting the same swell, at the same surf spot with the same surfers and will come up with completely different results and points of view. Few photographers have as great of access as Matt and Mike do to some of the best surfers and surf spots in the New York/New Jersey surf world.

The Two Moons’ will enjoy an opening reception on Friday April 21, 2017 at Picture Farm Gallery in Brooklyn and is part of the annual It Doesn’t Not Work Surfcraft Design Symposium

Libations will be provided by Austin Eastciders


because sundays are for rest . . .

we warmly invite you to join us for a series of late afternoon Spring meditations for moments of pause, breath & reflection.
Starting this Sunday,  March 19th 4-5:30.
Gatherings will consist of an introduction to the astrological and numerology forecast for Spring 2017, breathing exercises and observing your own light and deep breathing patterning and a warm up and down of movements of the Kundalini Yoga tradition. This workshop is designed for both the beginner and the advanced practitioner, those who are seeking an opportunity to slow down and take a moment of reflection and breathe and shed some of that Winter-ness.
*The first session will work to clear the first three chakras in the energetic body. We will explore themes of security, self-acceptance,  desire, creativity, personal power and commitment. 
*The second session will focus exclusively on the fourth chakra of the heart, known as the balance point between the higher and lower centers of the body. We will navigate the concepts of forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion for self and other.

*The third session will elaborate on the higher centers; chakras five through seven. We will explore topics of universal truth, intuition, and transcendence.


Come to one or all three offerings and sit with our beautiful community and expose yourself to the magic and essence of you.
Picture Farm
338 Wythe Ave
Williamsburg Brooklyn
Sunday March 19th 4-5:30pm
Sunday April 2nd 4-5:30 pm
Sunday May 7th 4-5:30pm
how much?
Each session $35
Purchase all three for $80

About Marina Trejo

Marina Trejo has been studying movement and wellness since childhood, her young life permeated by dance, music, Pilates, Yoga and an unconventional childhood spent mainly on the beach in Southern California.  At JL Body Conditioning of Del Mar, CA, she apprenticed and began her first immersion of Pilates study under former Martha Graham dancer Julian Littleford from 1992 to 1993 . She began full time teaching at Astrid de Wild Studios in Santa Barbara, CA from 1993 to ’97. After relocating to New York, she would teach at Power Pilates from 2001- 2006, concurrently opening the Brooklyn Pilates studio happy now flat belly in 2003. In 2008 she relocated to Marina Trejo Pilates on the Southside of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Marina has continued her examinations of alternative modalities and holistic health, studying anatomy under Irene Dowd, receiving her 200 hr Yoga certification thru Om Yoga in 2004 and becoming a New York State Board licensed esthetician via the Christine Valmy school in 2011. She continues to study other movement modalities, bodywork and sacred teachings that inform her teaching. She has been featured in Vogue, NY Magazine and T Magazine. She resides in Brooklyn NY with her beautiful husband and 2 boys.

About Alejandro Lázaro

Founder and Meditation Advisor of UntoSelf, Alejandro is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher based in New York City. He specializes in creating personalized meditation routines for clients from all walks of life using a method of numerology as taught by Master Yogi Bhajan. Through one-on-one sessions, group workshops and retreats, Alejandro strives to be a mirror for your own personal growth and development in this life.

Learn more at

Picture Farm is proud to announce the 2017 edition of the Picture Farm Film Fest, with a program made up of: Global Environment Issues for the Local Audience, Black Voices in Independent Film, Defying Gender Identity Labels and Untold Stories of Struggle & Change from Around The World.

Opening night will feature the New York premiere of “The Memory of Fish” Friday, March 24th at 7:30 pm with a post-screening Q&A with director Jennifer Galvin.

Saturday March 25th we have show three distinct programs:

QUEER CITY begins at 1:30 pm, featuring shorts addressing Defying Gender Identity Labels.

LADIES WITH LENSES presents at 4:30 pm, featuring Films About Women Made By Women.

POSITIVELY BLACK at 7:30 pm with Black Voices in Independent Film.

Each program will be followed by a moderated Q&A session.

Sunday March 26th we will present a shorts program followed by a closing feature:

Kicking off at 2:30 pm, OUR EARTH LIKE NEVER BEFORE with shorts tackling Global Environment Issues for the Local Audience.

At 6:30 pm our closing film “After Spring” will be preceded by “That’s Where War Became Personal For Me”

To reserve a seat, check out the Brown Paper Tickets page… 

Massive Thanks to Adorama, Explosion Robinson, Sprout Home, Zio Baffa wines, and Pabst Blue Ribbon who are helping make this festival far more interesting and delicious.






Picture Farm is proud to announce our first full show of the 2017 season, Exit Light, opening Friday February 3rd. The group exhibition celebrates the photography and study of the up and coming and otherwise-engaged.

Picture Farm Gallery, is the more passion-project face of Picture Farm Production, a commercial photo, video & content production company. The photographers in the show are culled from the photo assistants, assistant editors, producers and filmmakers who flatter our daily working life in so many other roles.

Picture Farm’s Cleveland Jones and Stefania Consarino have teamed up with the photo collective Gasoline to curate the show, which will be a silent auction on opening night with all proceeds going to the artists and to the World Food Program.