Picture Farm Gallery is proud to announce our upcoming pin-up exhibition, “Numb” the launch of the third volume of the Tabula Rasa fashion magazine.

The opening reception is scheduled for July 7th 2017 from 6-9 pm in the PF Gallery space at 338 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn.

“Tabula Rasa Magazine is a non-profit organization that encourages photographers, stylists, and writers to examine fashion photography as art.

Like its title, the publication serves as a blank slate operating outside a producer-consumer relationship, stripped of advertisements and constraints based on current trends or seasons. We want to return to the magic inherent in both fashion and photography: to evoke the wonder of the darkroom, an idea expressed and then transformed, emerging to fill an empty, white page; to recall the power of clothing to carry history or convey personal narratives; to give artists a more transparent presence in the work they envision and produce.

Our mission is to continue to give maximum visibility to the artists that inspire us, and in turn, foster a community.

 The founding members are Editor In Chief Sabrina Banta, Design Lead Estee Kim, and Production Manager Hunter Abrams. Co-founders and ongoing collaborators include Fashion Creative Director Louise Borchers and Editor Sabrina Tamar.”


Volume III

Five senses. This is how we are taught to group ways of perception. Some argue there are more or fewer. Within these universal five, such as taste, some cultures subcategorize them differently. In certain places, people call green and blue the same thing, considering them as variations of the same shade. If we cut off one sense, we are told others can heighten. Perception, sensing, is a capricious thing, as powerful as it is subjective.

What of the lack of sensation? Numbness. To be blind, to be deaf, does not imply one does not feel. But numbness—physical, cerebral, or psychological is a nuanced thing. Subject a limb to extreme cold, fail to move your arm for hours, damage a nerve—numbness, as expected, will ensue. But what of the numbness of overexposure? With a scroll of the wrist or finger, nearly second nature, we tumble down a rabbit hole of worlds we may not know but see everyday: the real violence of war, the violence of callous comments on social media, ever-growing, interchangeable material addictions, photoshopped ideals, sex, on demand, of every kind and extreme variation, instant company, virtual dating. Our world’s access to experience is unlimited, but our ability to feel has never been less. What is the threshold between knowledge and numbness? In a society that saturates our senses, what does it mean to truly feel?

Issue III of Tabula Rasa invites its contributors to tackle the spectrum of numbness, from source to sensation, visualizing its implications and manifestations.

— Photographers include Adam Kremer, Boru O’Brien O’Connell, Brian William Green, Carolyne Loreé Teston, Charles Caesar, Clément Pascal, Danielle Ezzo, Eli Schmidt, Ian Baguskas, Keisuke Otobe, Peter Funch, Ryan James Caruthers, Sam Rock, Sergiy Barchuk

An immediate after-party will ensue at Freehold, just around the corner, featuring a screening of Diane Russo’s film Scorpion, Butterfly.