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Mara Catalán has been documenting Williamsburg and Greenpoint since the anarchic artistic heyday of the early Nineties. For the month of May, Picture Farm gallery will be displaying her visions in various print, collage and installation form from that sometimes tenuous and always creative time.

For people who’ve lived in the neighborhood for any length of time it is an opportunity to see things how they looked through the eyes of one of the multitude of expat artists who called this corner of Brooklyn their new home. For those who’ve lived here for quite a while, the images on offer will be a reminder of just how much this neighborhood has changed.

The opening reception will be held Friday May 1st, 2015 from 6-10 PM.




Picture Farm Gallery is pleased to announce an ongoing Zine series featuring our passions, our friends and the passions of our friends.

Each Zine will be a limited print run featured on a single “pop up” gallery night where the Zines and select prints will be available for purchase.

We kick off project Friday April 24th in the gallery space with the launch of Jair Bortoleto’s “Layers.”

“I’ve heard Jair Bortoleto’s name more than few dozen times over the years, something exotic over the surfy space time continuum. Something about Brazil and Surf and Art the inevitable bywords. So when Ty Breuer popped up recently, whispering the name “Jair Bartoleto” over the email, there he was again, suddenly in the middle my consciousness, attached to not one but two amazing photography projects and the sort of passionate spirit to make a last-minute Brazil to New York show happen. 

We hemmed and hawed about which show to present: his poetic images of the a decidedly thoughtful sea, or his multi-faceted documentation of the 2014 North Shore season. In the end, pragmatism won out and we opted for the lyrically layered imagery of a magically aggressive Hawaiian travelogue. Given the time we had to produce the show, the sheer visceral readability of these photos made the most sense.

We couldn’t be more proud to show Jair‘s work and produce Picture Farm Gallery’s inaugural zine featuring his one of a kind perspective. And I couldn’t be more stoked to finally meet the myth.”

Toddy Stewart




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Picture Farm Gallery is proud to announce the photographs of Jair Bortoleto will grace the gallery walls in conjunction with the It Doesn’t Not Work surfcraft design symposium. Jair’s pop-up show titled “Layers” details his time spent over one winter on the North Shore of Oahu.

Born in 1978 and currently living in the city of São Vicente, São Paulo, Jair Bortoleto has found a recurrent place in the pantheon of international surf/skate image-makers. Through his work with The Surfer’s Journal Brazil, Alma Surf and the Santos Surf Art fair, among a dozen other collective art shows around the world, Jair’s passion has placed him at the forefront of Brazilian surf culture.

Of his work such has been said:

“Magic where others see the mundane” –Jamie Brisick
“Resonance in the detail diversity” –Drew Kampion
“Honesty of time, space and personality” –Andrew Kidman

Along with the printed collection, Picture Farm will be presenting this work as the first of an ongoing Zine series.

An opening reception with the artist will be on Friday April 24th from 6PM to 10PM but the show will feature prominently on PF gallery walls starting in the middle of April for public viewing during normal working hours and by appointment.

An insightful, if dated Q&A with the artist can be found at




The process of surfcraft design is not one limited to the big machines of the surf industry, or solely belonging to the heralded masters of the craft, it is a living folk art on an equally democratic level. It is a continually evolving conversation between local craftsman and the sea… and the creations that relationship spawns.

A surf craft exposition that explores the process of the art & craft of surf-riding design, the event aims to discuss these experimental shapes, work-in-progress projects and tried-and-true formulas.

Picture Farm Gallery is excited to announce the 2nd Annual IDNW event will be held at Picture Farm Gallery on the weekend of April 24, 25 & 26, 2015