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New York, NY, March 4, 2013 — Picture Farm Gallery presents “Within Sight: Photographers for Recovery”, a group photography show curated by professional surfer and filmmaker Mikey DeTemple to launch March 14th, 2013 at the gallery’s space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“Within Sight” showcases large scale photographic prints from several of the most dynamic surf photographers in the industry including donated pieces by Dane Peterson, Nick LaVecchia, Todd Glaser, Chris Burkard, Zak Bush, Ryan Struck, Matt Clark and Chris Pfeil. All works feature one of a kind, wooden frames crafted from reclaimed pieces of the now-destroyed boardwalk.

The disastrous effects of Hurricane Sandy are still a daily reality for numerous individuals and businesses decimated by the storm in October. “Within Sight” is born from the surf community’s desire to reinvigorate awareness and continued community support around this fact.

“As with so many other natural disasters, the attention span regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has been a woefully short one,” says Picture Farm’s Toddy Stewart. “Months have passed and media attention and public awareness of the plight of Sandy victims has waned- relief efforts are turning into recovery and rebuilding and now more than ever we need to get behind these projects or face possible calamitous results for those living in the wake of the disaster.”

Following Sandy the local and national surf community responded with fierce and rapid grassroots efforts – volunteering, organizing and donating to the relief cause in huge numbers. This energy and speed was borne out of an indelible personal connection to those coastal communities and the dire needs of friends and family that were affected.

An opening night party and silent benefit auction will be held on March 14th, 2013. All proceeds from the sale will benefit Waves for Water, (www.wavesforwater.org) a non-profit organization founded by former professional surfer Jon Rose and the charity’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative that focuses on supporting individuals and businesses in New York and New Jersey surf-based coastal communities hardest hit.

“Community mobilization has been the success story of the recovery effort so far, neighbors helping neighbors and smaller grassroots organizations like Waves for Water taking a direct, hands on approach to relief and rebuilding,” DeTemple explains. “It is our hope that Within Sight will reinvigorate the energy of the surf community in continued support of Sandy efforts as we head into spring.”

About Mikey DeTemple

Mikey DeTemple is a New York native, professional surfer and filmmaker. Matt Pruett, editor of Eastern Surf Magazine, described Mikey this way: “Few surfers personify the essence of modern East Coast long boarding like Mikey DeTemple –classic yet rebellious, stylish but aggressive, competitive though utterly soulful.” Mikey has been an integral the East Coast’s surf scene since the age of 16, when he won his first pro contest and became a staple in the world of pro surfing. He has graced the covers of numerous worldwide surf publications and produced two of the best-selling surf films of the past several years.

Since Hurricane Sandy, Mikey has been constantly active in the relief effort, coordinating and participating in volunteer rebuilding efforts, hosting multiple events, donating artwork for fundraising purposes and using his high profile to keep attentions focused on the continuing needs of those affected.

About Picture Farm Gallery

Picture Farm Gallery was opened in response to what is perceived as a diminishing community vibe in the increasingly populated neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It looks to support local artists and concerns, giving month-long solo and group shows to friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends during a season stretching from March to November. Picture Farm Gallery also acts as a community center for volunteer efforts for Hurricane Sandy relief and provides a creative space for local crafts people.

About Waves for Water
Waves for Water works on the front-line to provide clean water solutions to communities in need around the world. They work with world leaders and strategic partners who take a “no-nonsense” attitude toward making global change. Waves for Water is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by former professional surfer Jon Rose and supported by Hurley International.

Within Sight is generously sponsored by Reef and Raen.