Tell us about the inspiration for your piece.

We are lucky to live in a world in which, we know nothing, think we know everything, and can still be constantly surprised by the beauty and creativity that nature can accomplish all on it’s own. Walking by myself in the cool winter air in upstate new york, what looks like a frosty bank next to a river can reveal hidden fairy kingdoms. and majestic palaces of ice. routinely in the winter I walk and search with camera in hand, looking for these hidden sculptures melded together by air, heat, condensation and water. I lay on my stomach and search through my lens, and these places are revealed to me. I call them dragon tears because I imagine if a dragon could cry, it’s tears would freeze and harden into shapes like this as they smattered on the ground. this temporary cavern of ice crystals and dragons tears, hidden under an ice bank, no more than 3 inches of the ground. lasted all of 1 or two days, but inspired me to capture it, in the moment, before it was gone forever.

What’s been your most interesting shoot thus far & why?
I spend most of my days on a computer, editing and animating for television commercials, any time I am graced with the chance to pick up my camera is the best time. every shoot the most interesting. To capture a moment in time, to trap a subjects existence in a quantum memory bubble, is what I live for.

What are you working on next?
I could tell you… but then I would tell everyone, and then never do it…
The Snow Show opens this Friday night 6th Dec at Picture Farm. Details HERE