Painter, writer and illustrator Sara Woster brings her gorgeously vibrant vision to PF Gallery as part of the SOW show. She was recently interviewed by the Children’s Brook review regarding her series of beautifully crafted books called “The City and Country.” Her work for the upcoming SOW show entitled “All Stars of the Electric Horizons” are screen prints on archival Dur-O-Tone paper overlaid with mixed media, collage and ink.

Sara Woster was born and raised in South Dakota. She studied painting at the University of Minnesota before moving to New York City. She has exhibited her paintings and animation internationally and has written collaborative multimedia performances that have been performed at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis. A set of eight early reader books illustrated by Sara was released by Home Grown Books in 2013. Sara also received a degree in creative writing from The New School in New York and has had several non-fiction essays included in popular anthologies including The May Queen and Because I Love Her. Sara divides her time between Brooklyn and Northern Minnesota where she and her family live in a cabin so deep in the woods that she is glad she never saw The Blair Witch Project.