The impromptu collaboration of Pete Simonelli, Lynn Wright, and Simon Goff, also known as Molecules, was born in Madrid, Spain in October 2012. Simonelli was promoting his newly translated book of poetry on tour with Wright and Goff’s band Bee and Flower when he entered the dressing room 10 minutes before his set and summoned them to the stage without prior warning. They are a loose fit in a world of tight jeans, offering a mixture of improvised musical explosions and words with a keen on eye on keeping scores settled and psychic accounts balanced.

This Saturday, Sr. Wright and Mr. Goff will be performing with artist Matthew Lusk and Simonelli. They will also play a piece or two from Wright’s score for choreographer Rachel Cohen’s dance Construct,which premiered at Incubator Arts/St. Mark’s Church in August of 2013.

Lynn Wright and Simon Goff both play in the New York/Berlin-based bands And The Wiremen and Bee and Flower.

Goff also plays bass with British band Hope and Social and is active in the European contemporary dance scene, working extensively with choreographer and dancer Lisanne Goodhue.

Wright composes music for choreographer Rachel Cohen’s dance company Racoco/RX, collaborates with writer Victoria Miguel, most recently on her play Laqueria at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and works in various ever-shifting contexts with composer/laptop performer Chris Becker, Flip Barnes (William Parker Quartet), Paul Watson (Sparklehorse), Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu), and long-time song-writing partner Jon Petrow, among others.

Pete Simonelli is an underground literary veteran and vocalist/frontman for the band Enablers. Lancashire and Somerset have published two books of his poetry as well as a CD of his readings. Both books have been translated into Spanish and published in the fine land of Spain.

This performance is in conjunction with Lusk’s Closed For Alterations show, currently at the PF Gallery.