It wasn’t so long ago that the people of Williamsburg had a ready-made, family friendly space for World Cup viewing, but with the demise of Zebulon (long may she live) the hole in our heart has only grown wider at the thought of not being able to coral the neighborhood love in one place.
And at Picture Farm we have a few abiding passions, the beautiful game (and enjoying that with our kids) chief among them. And while we may all root for different teams during the world Cup (we’re an exotic bunch, see) we all agree that we’d like to root for them together. With our kids. And our friends. And their kids. And their friends.
Chris Bren and Bill Swartz are dreaming up a community-neighborhood-family friendly viewing situation in the PF Gallery space. Every game of the World Cup will just happen to be on in the gallery. We cordially invite you to join us for a celebration of le foot.
More info coming soon, so stay tuned.