Tell us about the inspiration for your piece.

I shot this piece while on vacation with my boyfriend in Iowa, where I grew up. It was his first time visiting and as a result, we went out to explore, wandering into places I’d never been. The experience caused me to fall in love with my home state in a way I hadn’t before and Iset out to capture the simple pleasures and beauty of a heartland I’d previously always overlooked.

What’s been your most interesting shoot thus far & why?

The most interesting shoots for me are the ones that aren’t meant to be shoots. A gathering of friends, a beautiful location or a quiet walk generally leads me to my favorite work because there are no expectations and if I come away with anything at all, it’s a gift.

What are you working on next?

I am working on a mixed media piece called 100 Questions based on a deck of conversation cards produced by the School of Life in London. I anticipate the photos will involve people looking really uncomfortable due to awkward queries about how they go about loading their dishwasher.