Picture Farm Gallery is looking forward to presenting to the public Yuri Shimojo and Sumi And Shu, a collection of paintings  spanning 2000-2015.

Currently working out of Kyoto, Ms. Shimojo still maintains a base in Williamsburg, the neighborhood in which she has lived for the last two decades. As an integral part of the expat artist and street art community, she returns to Brooklyn specifically for this show and to refresh Picture Farm’s front foyer mural for the new year.

“A Tokyo-born last-samurai-bohemian, Yuri Shimojo has been expressing her life through painting, journaling and dancing since her childhood. Yuri’s works often depict the ethereal , serene, sensual , exquisite yet grotesque, ominous and even whimsical. Hopping between urban and tropical jungles, Brooklyn and hideaway in Hawaii, these two extremes balances her yin and yang inspiring her creativity. In addition to her art practice,Yuri is drawn to the world of indigenous cultures, which has led her studying universal shamanism as a certified healing practitioner and intuitive animal communicator.”

Read more about her journey and see more of her work at YuriShimojo.com

The exhibition will open on Friday January 29th, form 6-10pm and will run from the 30th of January until February 29th.

“Yuri has been expressing her life through painting, journaling and dancing since she was 3 years old. Her upbringing in Tokyo was a very unconventional one – learning Japanese traditional arts and experiencing foreign culture through traveling abroad. These two elements, so drastically different, have influenced her work throughout her entire life.

Now, living the nomadic bohemian lifestyle, she explores the planet from the heart of metropolis to the outposts of the world wherever being guided by her own intuition while hopping between her base pad Brooklyn studio, Tokyo apt and her tropical jungle hideaway in Hawaii. This life balances her creative & spiritual yin and yang’. Besides her artistic endeavor, she is drawn to the world of indigenous cultures and has led her studying universal shamanism as a Reiki master. She is also a member of the art collective Barnstormers.

Yuri Shimojo has published several books in Japan, including: “Makkana Mangetsu~Crimson Full Moon”(1995), which showcase her earlier illustration works;”Vagabonds” (2001), a picture journal from her trip in Central America and Mexico. “Chiisana Rakugaki~Tiny Scribble” (1997), an autobiography of her unique childhood, which has just republished in 2007.”Art In Brooklyn, 2008

We look forward to seeing you at the opening.