Rob Fischer: Artist Portrait from kbest productions on Vimeo.

Rob will be presenting his “Deer Portraits” series for the State of Wonder Show.
2013, 44 x 37 inches, 53 images (4×6″ each) mounted in grids on foam core
board in the order they were taken.
Shot by “trail camera” which is often used by hunters to see what
animals are in an area.The camera is mounted on a tree and has
a motion sensor that triggers the camera. Because it is set to have
a delay after sensing motion, the deer often will be half way out of frame
by the time the camera snaps the shot and the results are often humorous.
This is a series that was started a couple of years ago and will be continued.

“The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is known for presenting exciting new works from emerging and mid-career artists through the Hammer Projects program. Currently on view at the museum are new works by Brooklyn-based artist Rob Fischer. Utilizing materials that are deeply embedded with a sense of social history through their once utilitarian function, Fischer recontextualizes the materials to create new meaning and form. For the museum, the artist removed a wooden floorboard from a gymnasium that belonged to a neglected school in Minnesota. The artist reformed the floor to create a large labyrinth-like sculpture that stretches around the walls and floor of the Hammer’s lobby. As the Hammer has stated, the artist is “inspired by the American mythology of the road trip, rooted in notions of freedom and self-discovery, as well as the thousands of miles of interstate highways that connect our cities and small towns,the overlapping and intersecting floorboards are like a map of a fantastical roadway.”
Fischer was born in Minneapolis and is a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design (1993). The artist has completed a number of international museum and gallery exhibitions including solo exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Cohan and Leslie in New York City and Mary Goldman Gallery in Los Angeles.”
-Seth Curcio for Daily Serving on Rob’s 2010 show in L.A.